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Cornering On A Motorcycle: Essential Tips for Navigating Twisty Roads

For motorcycle enthusiasts, the thrill of navigating twisty roads is unmatched. The art of cornering on a motorcycle requires a blend of skill, technique, and confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking to refine your cornering abilities or a beginner eager to master the art, this article will provide valuable insights and tips on how to turn and corner effectively on your motorcycle. Get ready to enhance your riding experience and conquer those winding roads with confidence.

Understanding the Basics of Motorcycle Cornering

a. The Dynamics of Cornering:

Cornering on a motorcycle involves more than simply steering. It’s a combination of various factors such as lean angle, body positioning, throttle control, and braking. Understanding the dynamics of cornering is crucial to executing smooth and controlled turns.

b. Balance and Weight Distribution:

Maintaining balance during cornering is essential. As you lean into a turn, your motorcycle’s weight shifts to the opposite side. Balancing this weight distribution and applying the right amount of throttle and brake helps maintain stability throughout the corner.

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Proper Body Positioning: The Key to Effective Cornering On A Motorcycle

a. Look, Lean, and Push:

The cornerstone of effective cornering is proper body positioning. As you approach a turn, focus on looking through the turn, leaning your body into the corner, and pushing the handlebars in the direction you want to go. This technique shifts the motorcycle’s center of gravity and allows for controlled, smooth turns.

b. Knee Placement and Foot Position:

Placing your inside knee closer to the tank and shifting your outside foot downward can help you achieve better body positioning and stability. This technique also allows you to distribute your weight effectively and improve control while cornering.

Source: RideApart – Throttle Control & Cornering

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Smooth Throttle Control: Mastering the Power

a. Roll On, Roll Off:

Maintaining a smooth throttle control is paramount when cornering. Gradually rolling on the throttle as you exit the corner ensures a controlled acceleration without unsettling the bike’s balance. Similarly, rolling off the throttle smoothly while entering a corner prevents abrupt weight shifts and potential skidding.

b. Trail Braking Technique:

The trail braking technique involves lightly applying the brakes while entering a corner. This practice helps transfer weight to the front tire, improving traction and control. Gradually release the brake as you lean into the corner and begin rolling on the throttle.

Source: RevZilla – What Is Trail Braking

Choosing the Right Line: Cornering On A Motorcycle

a. Entry, Apex, and Exit:

Every corner consists of three phases: entry, apex, and exit. Approach the corner from the outside, move to the inside (apex), and exit towards the outside again. This racing line allows you to take the widest and safest path through the corner, maximizing your visibility and control.

b. Adjusting for Road Conditions:

The ideal line may vary based on road conditions, traffic, and your motorcycle’s capabilities. Adapt your line if you encounter debris, wet patches, or gravel on the road. Always prioritize safety and adjust your speed and trajectory accordingly.

Source: RideApart – Mastering Cornering Lines

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Maintaining Consistent Braking and Gear Selection

a. Braking Before the Turn:

Braking before you enter the corner is essential. Entering a corner while still braking can lead to instability, decreased traction, and an increased risk of skidding. Brake in a straight line, and ensure you’ve slowed down before initiating the turn.

b. Proper Gear Selection:

Downshifting to an appropriate gear before entering the corner is crucial for maintaining control and stability. Being in the right gear helps you smoothly accelerate out of the corner without straining the engine or upsetting the bike’s balance.

Source: Ride Apart – Running Wide In Corners?

Rider’s Mindset: Building Confidence While Cornering On A Motorcycle

a. Visual Focus:

Maintain your visual focus on where you want to go rather than on potential obstacles. Looking through the corner allows your body and bike to naturally follow your line of sight.

b. Progressive Learning:

Building cornering skills takes time. Gradually challenge yourself by tackling corners of increasing complexity. Practice on familiar routes before exploring unfamiliar roads to build confidence and awareness.

c. Choosing The Right Helmet

Cornering on a motorcycle can be difficult when trying to push your limits. Don’t make it even harder with bad gear. Choosing the right helmet will give you more confidence and ability to see the corner fully. We have an awesome article that lists the best helmets to buy in 2023.

Source: Motorcycle.com – Mastering Motorcycle Cornering

Safe Speed and Road Awareness: Prioritizing Safety

a. Adapt to the Road:

Always assess the road conditions, traffic, and visibility before entering a corner. Adjust your speed accordingly to maintain control and ensure a safe ride.

b. Emergency Preparedness:

While honing your cornering skills is essential, always be prepared for unexpected scenarios. Maintain a safe speed that allows you to react to any surprises that may arise.

Source: Motorcycle.com – Cornering Tips For Road Riders

Mastering the art of cornering on a motorcycle is a rewarding endeavor that enhances your riding experience and safety. By understanding the dynamics of cornering, practicing proper body positioning, and focusing on smooth throttle control, you can confidently tackle twisty roads with precision.

Remember to choose the right line, maintain consistent braking and gear selection, and nurture a rider’s mindset that prioritizes awareness and confidence. Whether you’re navigating sharp bends or enjoying sweeping curves, these tips for cornering on a motorcycle will help you become a more skilled and confident rider, making each ride an exhilarating adventure on the open road.

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